1000 HP Mobile Metal Shredding Plant.

1000hp Mobile Shredding Plant

Chris Allsop Recycling a very successful scrap business in the Nottingham area saw a need for many years of going into the production for Fragmentised scrap and it’s related products. This desire continues for many years, but was discouraged by the Planning process, Environmental implications and the amount of total investment required.
After contacting CALM, together we spent a lot of time looking at all the various options, from used to new equipment. There was also the idea of trying to make the plant mobile for versatility and planning purposes. This posed it’s own difficulties and careful consideration of design was paramount.

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1 – Design Layout

In talks with various suppliers, it was clear that Zato, an Italian company was prepared to develop a mobile model of there proven Blue shark Shredder. On consultation with their design department utilising the latest 3D modelling software, a design was established and an order placed. All parties were extremely excited and all co-operated together to bring this unique concept to fruition.


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2 – Factory Manufacture and Assembly

Two roadworthy specially designed trailers were commissioned from a reputable trailer manufacturer. On delivery of the trailers to Zato’s factory in Italy, the complete plant was assembled. Inspection at the manufacturers premises were carried out to ensure quality control and any technical issues were quickly resolved.
There were many hurdles to overcome to ensure that the plant was able to be quick and simple to be prepared for transportation, making the whole plant truly mobile.


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3 – Shredder Rotor in Manufacture

Here is the bare rotor in assembly for readiness for placement inside the main shredder body. The rotor is the heart of the machine and great care is taken to ensure correct assembly. This particular rotor is easily assessed via the shredder housing being able to Hydraulically open, enabling quick and easy maintenance.


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4 – Assembled Plant Leaving Factory

Once fully assembled the complete plant leaves the factory to be driven across Europe to arrive on site read for installation.


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5 – Arrival at Site

After 4 days of travelling from the factory in Italy, the machine arrives on it’s two trailers with great anticipation. Once aligned along side one another in it’scorrect position with the tractor units, final assembly commenced to get the plant into production.


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6 – Site Installation

There was minimal assembly work to complete after arrival. The upper hood had to be fitted (too high for transport), Diesel drive engine rotated on a built in turntable, universal shaft essentially connecting both trailers, plug in electrical cables and adjust air for self suspension system incorporated in trailer.

The system comes with a built in Rotary drum magnet and dust extraction system, all self contained on the trailers, together with the drive system and shredder.


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7 – Commissioning

Within a week the machine was set up and commissioned, currently processing between 10 – 20tph of general mixed scrap. Allsop’s are already finding different applications like the processing and separation of aluminium body panel scrap. This machine with it’s “auto feed” hopper is proving extremely versatile and simple to operate.

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