Hammermil Shredder Refurbishment.

The original 3000 hp Hammermill Shredder plant was installed in 1988, being extensively modified over the years making this a semi-bespoke plant.
Some years ago the plant was taken out of production, when the current owners purchased the site. It was apparent the plant had been left to rack and ruin and a lot of damage had been inflicted on the plant.
After contatcing several potential companies to assist in the viability and costing of a proposed refurb or sell. Calm Recycling Solutions were recommended to the owners.
After initial visit, Calm were appointed the Project Manager for the plant, after initial studies and proposals the owners decided to go ahead on a refurbishment and get the plant back into full production.
We are currently mid way through the refurbishment and looking forward to full production in the coming months.


Take a look at the pictures. The images depict the transition from the old non functioning machine to the parts of the Shredder that are key to the restoration of this refurbishment project.  Key elements of the recycling machine have been identified and immediate action taken to make this recycler fully functional in a short space of time.


The pictures on the left are the initial state of the shredder, the pictures on the right are the finished parts.  Careful restoration and in some cases replacement, has brought this plant back to life.metal shredding

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