New 3000 HP Shredder Plant.

3000hp Metal Shredding processing facility.

New £11,000,000.00 investment by forward thinking Lord and Midgley Limited for a 3000hp metal shredding facility situated on land acquired adjacent to their existing scrap processing yard.
The plant is an upgrade from the companies traditional facilities comprising mainly of balers and shears, taking them to another level increasing the yards processing capabilities from 75,0000 tonnes to up to 250,000 tonnes per annum.
The project taking almost 3 years from initial discussions to plant being completely operational in April 2013. This spectacular state of the art project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.
On it’s successful completion, Lord and Midgley have again commissioned CALM to oversee and project the installation of a £1,300,000.00 Pre-shredder and commence design, planning and costing of their new office/workshop premises along side the Shredding plant, making this one of, if not the most modern facility of this type in the United Kingdom.


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1 – Land Acquisition.

A 4.3 hectare site adjacent to Lord and Midgley forming a 9 hectare recycling facility. The land was originally used as a chemical manufacturing plant. This posed its own problems where site and ground surveys had to be carried out to determine the contamination levels in conjunction with the investigation into what the original underground services.

Firstly CALM applied and received planning permissions, satisfied any Enviromental concerns. This allowed for ground conditions to be determined and work commencing on old service removal, contaminant control and site service/civil design.




metal recycling
2 – Groundworks underway.

After civil design sign off was complete, encompassing :
Flood risk report and drainage scheme.
Environmental management plan.
Site services including a 5MVA electrical supply,
Production of tender documents issued to several local suitable companies.
The main contractor was appointed and work commenced.
At this stage negotiations were underway to assess and appraise main equipment suppliers.




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3 – Machinery Installation.

The site plant layout decided for best efficiency and smooth operation, An installation team was assembled comprising of existing employees, local labour and specialist contractors. The team being supervised by machinery supplier engineers, reporting to CALM engineers controlling contractor liaison, CDM regulations and all project factors necessary.





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4 – Main Equipment Erected.

Due to the volume and sheer size of all the equipment, installation took some 4 months to complete. At times, 20+ engineers working together applying various disciplines in mechanical, LV & HV electrical and hydraulic engineering.






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5 – Installation completion.

Once the main equipment was in place, work could commence on the electrical side of installation, sound walls and the numerous buildings required, for example, machinery control tower, main sub-station and non ferrous/waste containment.


Where the various materials are sorted and separated in to their various fractions, a unique design was used to mount all this part of the plant to be installed on top of an interlocking block system forming the various material bays.




metal recycling
6 – Commissioned and Fully Operational.

Six months after commencement of installation the plant had been fully commissioned with approximately 4000 tonnes of general mixed scrap, full cars and bales. The variety of products achieved far exceeded the customers expectations. The design allowing safe, clean operating conditions.

Visitors have expressed their amazement on the quietness of the plant, not believing what is actually behind the “silver” walls surrounding the equipment.

Maximum Production was quickly achieved with an exceedingly high availability for this type of heavy wearing machinery. Coupled with the sourcing and training of a young enthusiastic team, which is helping to ensure the future success of company.


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