Here at Calm Recycling Ltd we pride ourselves in our wide range of skills and experience. Below is a summary of all the services we can deliver at a high quality and cost effective level. Our Services are split into 3 main areas, Project Management, Consultation and Design. Our qualified and experienced staff will provide a high level of service with a view to offering the best that the recycling industry can offer. We not only use new parts but can source second user parts. Also offering the staff to complete the task required.

metal recyclingYard Design and Setup.

Your specific yard can be one of the most important factor that needs to looked at before considering any financial outlay and equipment procurement. The workflow of the process is paramount in any recycling yard business, as well as the equipment needs and implementation requirements. It’s location, access and internal traffic plan being vital in the overall success of any project.

Once determined, suitable equipment and plant can be sourced whilst taking care to engage inn the local impact before any commitments are made. This work will ensure good planning and successful completion for a profitable operation.

calm recycling, recycling, shredder, shredding, scrap, metalPermit Process.

A yard set up may typical include building control, Flood and environmental risk assessment before applying for planning consent.
Through initial Site Planning application to Environmental permit applications and extensions of existing permits. These together with utility service arrangements, including Electricity and water are all within the remit of CALM Recycling Solutions.

metal recyclingNew/Used Equipment.

Whether you are looking for the most up to date recycling equipment or reliable used machine to purchase, we can help.
We can offer impartial advice, sourcing through our network of clients and contacts collected over the last 25 years of dealing in the recycling sector.

metal recyclingPlant Layout Design.

Each new project may require several different types of equipment needing to be brought together to form a complete plant. All potential suppliers will have their own ideas on how their equipment should integrate into the plant.

Rarely is this in the best interest of the project as changes to the norm are not usually appreciated. An overview needs to be taken. At Calm we like to challenge these norms an propose methods that are of the interest of the end user not the supplier.

Using this approach, many innovative ideas have been created, all helping to make a plant tailor-made to the customers needs.


metal recyclingCivil Requirements.

We can offer civil requirement advice as well as sourcing suitable civil design engineers. Whom can provide design and contract documentation of roads & sewers to adoptable standards, private roads & drainage schemes, structural engineering design, specialist drainage advice & design, flood risk assessment reports, architectural design services, planning design & access statements and traffic studies and impact assessment.

Full on site CDM Management, Contractor Tender preparation/issue and review selection. PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR PLANNING SUPERVISOR


personnel sourcing

Personnel Sourcing.

When it comes to the right personnel, nothing is more important than sourcing……..
That’s because, quite simply the entire smooth running, efficiency level and general housekeeping of a plant is dependant on discovering and identifying the correct potential.
CALM can assist in the recruitment process whether being from existing, local or specialist individuals for installation, maintenance or permanent positions. Interviewing, advising or simply just talking to personnel.
We feel that you can not engage, build a relationship with, recruit, hire, retain and develop someone you haven’t found.
We have a large network of contacts we utilise to introducing individuals or contractors of various disciplines. Most companies do not have the necessary amount of labour that may be required for an installation and the after build running.

metal recyclingInstallation.

Complete installation servicethat including PLANNING, SUPERVISION, PROCUREMENT.
Working alongside OEM’s to manage large or small machinery installations for all types of Recycling equipment.
All CDM regulation requirements and co-ordination services (including all method statements and risk assessments).

metal recyclingCommissioning.

Complete commissioning service that includes PLANNING, SUPERVISION, PROCUREMENT.
Working alongside OEM’s to manage large or small final machinery or plant commissioning after install for all types of Recycling equipment.

Liaison between customer and supplier ensuring all equipment commissioning issues are resolved quickly and comply to all contractual agreements between all parties. Arbitrating between any disputes whilst ensuring relations are maintained.

LongtermsupportLong Term Support.

For newly installed to existing plant, CALM offers Long Term Support and advice. Regular site inspections encompassing any production, maintenance, Health and Safety issues. Always using our experience to look forward and keep you up to date with the latest best practices, legislations and new innovations in machinery.

Calm are able to offer you maintenance based solutions for buildings, plant and machinery, whether planned or reactive, to meet your exact requirements.
We believe that any service should be designed around your needs to give you an integrated maintenance provision that works for you.
We also recognise that speed of service is vitally important, as plant downtime is not only inconvenient but can also be expensive.
In an emergency situation it is important for you to have confidence that your problem will generate a swift reaction from their maintenance provider, providing you with a rapid solution

shreddingEquipment Sourcing.

Calm aims to provide equipment solutions for projects almost anywhere in the world to allow customers to focus on their core business. Recognising the lack of flexibility and scope of traditional equipment dealers, Calm is an alternative for customers seeking a more innovative and complete approach to recycling equipment management and procurement.

We strive to make the acquisition and integration of equipment seamless and proficient while providing support where and when it is needed. Since Calm is not affiliated with any dealership or manufacturer, a broad range of manufacturers and products may be utilized with an unbiased approach and greater emphasis on promptly meeting the customers’ needs.
Assisting with condition reporting, negotiation and final contracts.


metal recyclingBudget Control.

Buying Recycling equipment is an expensive business. Budget control and financial time line planning is key to the success of any project.
Primarily before any large investment is started, a financial/payback plan is necessary to justify such expenditure to possibly a board, bank or financial institution.
Once the project is underway it is critical to continuously monitor and report on any variances to both the budget and the financial timeline.
Our experience spans from small machine purchases to multi million pound projects around the world. Dealing with bank guarantees, bills of lading, warranty claims, all that is related to the bottom line.

metal recyclingProcess Optimisation.

At calm we aim to eliminate unnecessary or redundant activities, streamline processes, and reduce complexity. We always focus on aligning desired process improvements with the optimal use of people and technology. Without this focus, process changes are unsustainable.
In the recycling business, the smallest adjustment may drastically improve the yield of recovery from the processed material, vastly increasing profits.

metal recyclingHealth and Safety.

Provision to provide advice and guidance to enable our customers to manage health, safety and risk assessment as part of their normal management function. In association with this we offer site inspections providing guidance on further action that may be necessary.

metal recyclingRefurbishment.

Machinery refurbishment provides you with the opportunity to reinstate your existing equipment to its full operating potential at a fraction of the cost of buying new or even second hand.
We offer a variety of flexible refurbishment advice solutions tailored specifically for your requirements from a basic strip, clean and lube to a comprehensive rebuild program.
We believe in providing effective low cost quality solutions and the best way to achieve this is by ensuring you get the best from your existing equipment.
Machine refurbishment can be as simple or as comprehensive as needed. We can return the machine to its original specification or incorporate additional features to enhance the machines performance, efficiency, and safety.
Within these refurbishments we are happy to incorporate specific customer requirements on things such as PLC, improvements or modifications.


metal recyclingMaintenance.

We recognise that most process plants and material process operations are operated on a tight budget for both staff and resources. As part of our continued commitment to industry, we have a dedicated team of highly skilled engineers who will attend site on a monthly or quarterly basis and carry out a full survey of your plants.
A fully detailed report will then be produced showing the condition of all aspects of your equipment, ie belt and belt condition, drive assembly, bearings, rollers and guards etc.
This service incurs a small annual cost but will greatly benefit you as your plant will be subject to vastly reduced downtimes caused by breakdowns, as all potential problem areas will be brought to your attention on our survey sheets, enabling you to replace/repair the damaged items prior to any breakdowns occurring.


metal recycling

CE Marketing.

If CE testing or evaluation is required, CALM Recycling Solutions can help. We can carry out on-site testing and evaluation so our clients enjoy a fast, convenient, and cost effective service when they need equipment or products to be CE marked.
We can fulfill your CE test requirements to enable self-declaration, either at our site or at the manufacturing or end-user facility. Additionally we can advise and assist in the preparation of the Technical File , which underlies the conformity assessment of a design. CALM will assist you to address non-compliances of any equipment with cost effective solutions.

metal recyclingNew Process Design.

Utilising more than 25 years of experience, CALM Recycling Solutions can develop and design to completion bespoke systems to bring your ideas to life or to take a brief to offer several concept proposals for your consideration.
Putting together 3D software design, costing exercises and supplier availability to help the visualisation of a plan.
Thus providing a clear concise evaluation, being able to look at financial implications and investment return in an economical and speedy manner.

metal recyclingProcess Upgrades.

Once an original process has been set up and running, some time later, most successful businesses usually has it’s own ideas on how to improve on what they have already achieved.
This may be in the form of adding to an existing production process, achieving a next stage process to further upgrade a material or simply take a different direction to increase a particular market.
CALM Recycling Solution can attend site to discuss what the business wants to achieve, look at what can be fitted where or simply advise what could be possibly modified to improve operations.
We will layout our proposals with a 3D model with a related estimate of costs, this study gives a prospective client an aid to enable a visualisation and feasibility, prior to investment. This drastically reduces risk, costs with considerable time savings gained.

metal recyclingSite Layout.

Our team of design engineers can take projects from design concept, through mechanical and civil design and production of calculations. Together with full detailing, project management and site supervision.
In conjunction with this we can offer full feasibility studies, project budget and fixed pricing to enable you to evaluate your project.
Our on site supervision team offer services under CDM with us taking role of principal contractor or planning supervisor.